LHC Beam Interlocks

LHC Interlock System Architecture (LHC report 521)


Detailed specification for Beam Interlock System (drafts)

Colour and Naming Conventions of Beam Interlock Documentation, B.Todd

CIBM Hardware Specification, B.Todd

Individial System Tests and Commissioning of the LHC Beam Interlock System, B.Todd, B.Puccio and R.Schmidt

User Interface to the Beam Interlock System, B.Todd, A.Dinius and B.Puccio

Realisation of the Beam Interlock System User Interface, B.Todd

Optical extension of User Interface Connection to the Beam Interlock System, B.Todd

Communcations with the CIBT Beam Interlock Tester, B.Todd

Beam Interlock System Naming Convention, B.Puccio, J.Mariethoz, M.Zerlauth


Notes for Beam Interlock System

FMECA of the Beam Interlock System, B.Todd

Analysis of Wiener Redundant VME PSU 762130, B.Todd 
Reaction Time of Fast Loss Frequency Detection Circuits, B.Todd
Beam Permit Loops and Fibre Optics of the Beam Interlock System, B.Todd

Critical Failure Mode of the Beam Interlock Controller, B.Todd

Signal Integrity and Electro-Magnetic Compatibility and Signal Integrity, B.Todd

CIBM Test Commands with NODAL, B.Todd

Definition of chassis slots, B.Todd

In preparation:  

Passive Verification of the BEAM INTERLOCK CONTROLLER and User Interfaces via the CIBT, B.Todd
Testing the CIBT, B.Todd



Presentations: AUDIT of the Beam Interlock System 18 September 2006


Introduction to the Audit  Rudiger Schmidt

Machine Protection and the Beam Interlock Systems Rudiger Schmidt

Beam Interlocking of the SPS / CNGS and LHC Bruno Puccio

Realisation of the Beam Interlock System Benjamin Todd

Dependability and signal integrity Benjamin Todd  

Beam Permit Loops and Optical cards Benjamin Todd

Module with safety matrix: CIBM  and variants   Philippe Nouchi  

Interface to the user: CIBU and CIBD Christophe Martin

Testing the Beam Interlock System: CIBT Benjamin Todd

Beam Interlock System Hardware Implementation Arend Dinius

Interfaces to the Extraction and Injection Systems Etienne Carlier

Outlook and operational aspects of the BIS Rudiger Schmidt + Bruno Puccio

Experience from the 2006 SPS / CNGS run Jorg Wenninger



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