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To be scheduled for discussion:


  • Injection incident following high beta run with crystal collimators - S. Redaelli
  • AOB

Topics for 2019

  • New SMP flag for allowed beam intensity off SPS-TED: implementation, testing and commissioning requirements (2020)
  • Interlocked BPMs in IR6 - status of new development and proposed implementation of a prototype for the re-start after LS2 - M. Wendt
  • Effect of spurious firing of HL-LHC triplet quench protection (QH and CLIQ) on beam - B. Lindstrom
  • BCCM: MPP input for specification to BI - MPP (by end MAY)
  • Interlocking of new SPS dump (TIDVG) - flow meters for water and air to be interlocked via SIS?! / Temperature sensors and LVDT no interlocking? - A.Perillo Marcone / F. Follin
  • Overview of 10 Hz events observed during run 2 - A. Lechner / J. Wenninger
  • AOB: measured interlocking delay in case of powering failure in Beam-Beam Long-Range (BBLR) compensator PC - B. Lindstrom et al
  • Follow-up: Plans of using Beam-Beam Long-Range (BBLR) compensators in B1 and B2 during high intensity operation - impact on interlocking and protection strategy - A. Rossi
  • Injection incident following high beta run with crystal collimators - S. Redaelli
  • LMC action: Review operability of all moveable devices in the LHC - MPP
  • SPS and TL BLMs, gain setting pbm - analysis and mitigation - E.Effinger, C.Zamantzas
  • New design of interlocked BPMs in IR6 - status of development and proposed implementation of a prototype for the re-start after LS2 - M. Wendt
  • New interlock on SPS timing system (watchdog replacement) for beam dump, BLM and main power supplies - G. Kruk - end March?
  • SPS -BLMs: present configuration, changes to be conform and estimate of investment required (BE-BI) - March 2018
  • SPS -BLMs: non-conformities and investment for additional connections (TE-MPE) - March 2018
  • SPS -BLMs: how present BLMs are used in the SPS / threshold changes and possible damage if BLM interlock does not work (BE-OP) - March 2018
  • New architecture for the SPS injection BIS and impact of SPS beam dump upgrade on BIS and WIC - I. Romera --> end Febr.
  • Exercising of all BIS inputs (C.Martin)
  • Safe software development for operatinal systems, including testing in general purpose network, use of MPE interlock test bed etc. - L. Sero / M. Zerlauth / J.C. Garnier / K. Fuchsberger - tbc
  • BCCM development: status and plans - T. Lefevre, M. Gasior--> mid 2018
  • Persistence of trimable SMP parameters (SPS & LHC) - I. Romera, J.C. Garnier
  • Status of IQC and future development ( Injection diamonds, ... ) - M. Pojer
  • True redundancy of BIS power supplies (problem with primary side faults), e.g. event in IR6 - Redundant supplies for trigger delay boxes - BIS team
  • Update of operational procedure in case of non working dump - M. Solfaroli - tbc
  • (Modifications to the existing BLM electronics during LS2 - status and plans - C. Zamantzas)
  • (Coherence of Exp. BCM and sourrounding BLM thresholds - A. Lechne)r
  • (MP relevant External conditions and possible implementation in BIS? - J.C. Bau et al --> Markus?)
  • (Summary of accidential high intensity beam impacting in ISOLDE, mitigations and possible interlock - NN --> Markus?)
  • (Intensity based interlocking of SPS extractions (AWAKE vs FT & LHC,...) - V. Kain et al)
  • BLM thresholds - after LS2: flattening out of BLM thresholds in long running sums for all energy levels above 450 GeV - A. Lechner --> mid 2019

Topics for Machine Protection Workshop in 2019

Topics for 1/2 day workshop on HL-LHC Machine Protection

  • Fast failures for HL-LHC - D. Wollmann / M. Valette
  • Effect of D1, Q4, Q5 powering failures on orbit - M. Valette / B. Linstrom - tbc
  • MP failure case matrix for crab cavities after baseline change
  • SPS CC failure cases and their criticality - B. Lindstrom / M. Valette
  • SPS CC planned machine protection tests - B. Lindstrom / M. Valette
  • HL-LHC: effect of spurious quench hetaer and CLIQ firing on beam and need of beam interlock - M. Valette


  • New BLM electronics - specifications, status and plans - C. Zamantzas (major upgrade of BLM electronics postpone to LS3)
  • HL-LHC MP: Halo supervision, possibilities/requirements for diagnostics, plans & outlook (BI)
  • (CMS BCM thresholds comparison with LHC BLMs (EDMS Doc. Nr 1502426) - M.Guthoff)
  • (New logic for collimator temperature interlock logic (check gradients, check consistency of different two beams) - A. Masi )
  • Remote monitoring for beam presence in the CCC (I. Romera)
  • Additional running sum in BLM PM data
  • (Ion/Proton interlock for SPS extraction (comment from M.Lamont - might be part of new SPS QC?!) --> Markus?)
  • (SW change procedure (tracking changes in MPS and SW components) --> Markus?)
  • (SPS extraction interlock (follow-up with timing and SPS OP) --> Markus?)


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