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Seminars & lectures :

Reliability Issues at the LHC , P. Kafka, Academic Training 2002

Machine Protection and Interlock Systems for the LHC, R. Schmidt, SL Seminar 11th July 2002

LHC Operation and Safety, W. Kroeger, ETH Zuerich, Joint AB and LHC Project Seminar, 2006

Machine Protection Systems, J. Wenninger, CERN CAS in Divonne, Feb 2009

Full Beam Impact on Materials, BE Seminar by N. Tahir, March 2009

Reliability Analysis of the LHC MPS - a global approach, S. Wagner, April 2009.



Machine Protection Commissioning and Status, J. Wenninger, LHC Machine Advisory Committee, Dec 2008.



Machine Protection Strategies for High Power Accelerators, C.Sibley, PAC03

Protection Controls for High Power Accelerators, J. Wenninger, EPAC08 [paper]

Reliability Analysis of the LHC Machine Protection System: Analytical Description, S. Wagner et al, PAC09



Machine Protection and Beam Quality during the LHC Injection Process, V. Kain (2005)

Redundancy of the LHC Machine Protection Systems in case of Powering Failures, A. Gomez Alonso (2009)

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