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Action and Topic lists for MPP injectors

To be scheduled for discussion:


  • New beta* reconstruction for run3 - J. Wenninger
  • Update of MPP participant list - C. Wiesner
  • Follow-ups from MPP workshop (part 1) - D. Wollmann
  • AOB


  • LHC - BCCM status, thresholds and PM - M. Gasior - invitees: Tom, Thibaut and Stephen Jackson
  • AOB


  • TDE interventions during LS2 and impact on interlocks - M. Calviani
  • Proposal for orbit interlocking in Run3 - J. Wenninger
  • AOB


  • TL steering with full train and bunch intensity interlock for LBDS intercepting devices - C. Bracco
  • New MKB capacitors V. Senaj
  • Impact on dilution pattern Y. Dutheil / C. Bracco
  • AOB

08.05.2020 (Injectors + LHC)

  • SPS-SMP: proposal for improving reliability of signal transmissing - R. Secundo
  • Critical settings management in Linac4 & Booster - B. Mikulec
  • Major Event Reports for LHC and Injectors - proposal and examples - C. Wiesner
  • AOB


  • Proposal for iBPMs layout in Run3 - M. Bozzolan
  • Status of IQC and future development - J. Wenninger
  • AC-dipole operation with three bunches - L. Malina
  • AOB

05.06.2020 (injector)

  • Introduction BLM related activities during LS2 in the injectors - C. Zamantzas
  • BLM hardware changes at SPS – Ewald Effinger
  • BLM software changes at SPS – Steen Jensen
  • BLM database changes at SPS – Eva Calvo
  • AOB

19.06.2020 (LHC)

  • Overview of damage limits of all concerned accelerator materials for asynchronous beam dump case - F. Carra
  • Plans of using Beam-Beam Long-Range (BBLR) compensators in B1 and B2 during high intensity operation; status of interlocking strategy; commissiong procedure - A. Rossi / G. Sterbine - TBC
  • AOB

Topics for 2020

  • Plans of using Beam-Beam Long-Range (BBLR) compensators in B1 and B2 during high intensity operation; status of interlocking strategy; commissiong procedure - A. Rossi / G. Sterbine - TBC
  • MKB re-triggering: final implementation - N. Magnin - (mid June)
  • Acceptable phase advance values MKD-TCT & MKD-TCDQ; impact on run3 optics scenario, how to protect TCTs and TCLAs against direct beam impact in case of asynch dump; how to handle special optics for MDs - Y. Dutheil / N. Fuster - After Collimation working group (May-June?)
  • BLM firm- and software changes in the LHC - M. Saccani (August/September)
  • BLM hardware changes in the LHC - E. Effinger / E. Calvo (August September)
  • MPS commissioning precedures: Injection Protection, LBDS, Collimation, BI, Vacuum, BIS, PIC, WIC, FMCM, ... - HW teams (from September - November)
  • Status of IQC and future development ( Injection diamonds, ... ) - J. Wenninger --> Mai 2020
  • Interlocked BPMs in IR6 - status of new development and proposed implementation of a prototype for the re-start after LS2 - M. Wendt
  • Effect of spurious firing of HL-LHC triplet quench protection (QH and CLIQ) on beam - B. Lindstrom
  • BCCM: MPP input for specification to BI - MPP (by end MAY)
  • Interlocking of new SPS dump (TIDVG) - flow meters for water and air to be interlocked via SIS?! / Temperature sensors and LVDT no interlocking? - A.Perillo Marcone / F. Follin
  • Overview of 10 Hz events observed during run 2 - A. Lechner / J. Wenninger
  • AOB: measured interlocking delay in case of powering failure in Beam-Beam Long-Range (BBLR) compensator PC - B. Lindstrom et al
  • Follow-up: Plans of using Beam-Beam Long-Range (BBLR) compensators in B1 and B2 during high intensity operation - impact on interlocking and protection strategy - A. Rossi / G. Sterbini
  • LMC action: Review operability of all moveable devices in the LHC - MPP
  • SPS and TL BLMs, gain setting pbm - analysis and mitigation - E.Effinger, C.Zamantzas
  • New design of interlocked BPMs in IR6 - status of development and proposed implementation of a prototype for the re-start after LS2 - M. Wendt
  • Exercising of all BIS inputs via AccTesting at re-commissioning after YETS? --> update BIS commissioning procedure - C.Martin
  • Safe software development for operatinal systems, including testing in general purpose network, use of MPE interlock test bed etc. - L. Sero / M. Zerlauth / J.C. Garnier / K. Fuchsberger - tbc
  • Persistence of trimable SMP parameters (SPS & LHC) - I. Romera, J.C. Garnier
  • True redundancy of BIS power supplies (problem with primary side faults), e.g. event in IR6 - Redundant supplies for trigger delay boxes - BIS team
  • Update of operational procedure in case of non working dump - M. Solfaroli - tbc
  • (Modifications to the existing BLM electronics during LS2 - status and plans - C. Zamantzas)
  • (Coherence of Exp. BCM and sourrounding BLM thresholds - A. Lechner)
  • (MP relevant External conditions and possible implementation in BIS? - J.C. Bau et al --> Markus?)
  • (Summary of accidential high intensity beam impacting in ISOLDE, mitigations and possible interlock - NN --> Markus?)
  • (Intensity based interlocking of SPS extractions (AWAKE vs FT & LHC,...) - V. Kain et al)
  • BLM thresholds - after LS2: flattening out of BLM thresholds in long running sums for all energy levels above 450 GeV - A. Lechner --> mid 2020

Follow-up topics from Machine Protection Workshop 2019

Decision mandatory before restart of LS2



  • Define minimal acceptable phase advance values MKD-TCT & MKD-TCDQ

C. Bracco

R. Bruce

MKD-TCT < 30 degree; MKD-TCDQ: 90 +-4 degree (see minutes from 181st MPP on 27.09.2019 )

Optics where these requirements are not fullfilled required detailed tracking studies, results for proposed Run3 optics to be discussed in MPP after final round in ColWG

  • Define strategy for TCDQ/TCT/XRP position thresholds and redundant limits (BETS, beat* & energy limits) and movements during collide and squeeze with beta* levelling

Coll & OP

Likely use of descrete steps as in Run2; Summary presentation foreseen in MPP after discussion on ColWG
  • Evaluate if asymmetric BETS limits are required

C. Bracco

Not possible, but achievable with offset - see minutes 181st MPP (27.09.2019)
  • Define/clarify damage limits of all concerned accelerator materials for asynchronous beam dump case


Summary requested from F. Carra;

From C.Bracco's presentation in 187th MPP (03.04.2020): TCDQ: 1.8e11 ppb for gap of 3.5 mm; for gap >= 4.5 mm no limitation; TCDS: ~1.7e11 ppb

  • BLMs: Define procedure to early commission injection interlock inhibit

C. Zamantzas, B. Salvachua, W. Bartmann

As part of presentation on Injection protection system re-commissioning
  • iBPMs: Define strategy how to start with prototype interlocked BPMs system in IR6


191st MPP (15.05.2020)
  • DOROS BPMs for collimators in IR7: Define how many DOROS systems for Collimator BPMs require interlocking in Run3 (+ tolerances)


All 24 new collimators with in-jaw BPMs to be installed (10 during LS2 and 14 during LS3) will be equipped with redundant DOROS systems (see minutes of 248th ColWG)
  • Evaluate interlocks and SIS checks in case of use of dedicated beam processes for TL collimator jaw positions, TL and SPS optics to allow frequent switching


  • Evaluate potential deployment of TL steering with full trains or the use of two 12 bunch trains in dedicated filling schemes


C. Bracco's presentation in 187th MPP (03.04.2020): Restart with existing procedure & evaluate possibility after operational experience with new FGCs in TI2 and TI8 if steering within FEI limits acceptable with full trains
  • QPS: Define the extent and necessary mitigation actions for the reduction of operational 600A EE units in the LHC for Run 3


see ECR LHC-DQ-EC-007
  • QPS: Identify most critical IPQs and QXF for implementation of DiDt sensor for improved symmetric quench protection


  • BBLR wire:
  • discuss operational use cases;
  • Define required controls changes;
  • Define interlocking strategy;
  • Finalize tests on interlock delays with FGC2


To be discussed in joint ColWG-MPP meeting (summer 2020)
  • ADT:
  • Define minimum revalidation requirement for changes in ADT (--> mainly for MDs) and account for this in (MD) planning
  • Define responsibilities for protection unlocking

D. Valuch

  • Define and specify future method for beta* re-construction, otherwise redundant interlocking on collimator gaps is not possible

J. Wenninger

New method based on two representative PCs per IP and normalisation on beam energy: see presentation by J. Wenninger 181st MPP (21.09.2019)

  • MPP:
  • Propose template for major event reports
  • Study feasibility of using online tool for regular check lists


Major event report - see presentation by C. Wiesner in 190th MPP (08.05.2020)

Online tool for check lists under study

  • OP: Evaluate the effects of removal from rarely used beam modes

J. Wenninger

See presentation by J. Wenninger in 110th LBOC (24.09.2019)
  • XRPs:
  • AFP: test of additional cooling & installation additional springs
  • ALFA: mitigate LVDT issues


  • LHCb:
  • Ensure that manual velo retraction is always possible
  • SB@450 GeV: verify if an aperture of 8 sigma, when closing the velo at 450 GeV is allowing a safe and stable operation
  • Document and review functional spec of new CO2 cooling system for LHCb velo, review safety of new velo movement system and describe failure scenarios and consequences
  • Evaluate possibility to close velo (stable beams) at 450 GeV


  • SPS:
  • BPM: Clarify how current interlock on the SPS extraction bump, implemented in the MOPOS front-end, will be transferred to the new ALPS system
  • Prepare proposal for improved interlocking of slow extraction and MDs

  • Linac4: Discuss threshold management and investigate/prepare appropriate tools
Proposal for parameter and threshold protection were presented by B. Mikulec in the 189th MPP (08.05.2020)

Necessary for luminosity production



  • Evaluate the need for an bunch intensity interlock
  • Do we need it?
  • How to do it (FBCT, DCBCT, BQMs and SMP)?
  • Which 'safety' level is required?


Under study: from C. Bracco's presentation in 187th MPP (03.04.2020): TCDQ: 1.8e11 ppb for gap of 3.5 mm; for gap >= 4.5 mm no limitation; TCDS: ~1.7e11 ppb

  • BLMs: Define required revalidation in case of a tunnel deployment of the new processing modules during run3

C. Zamantzas

to be part of BLM related presentation in summer 2020
  • dBLM: Define, which dBLM data are required in the post mortem & implement


  • BLM thresholds:
  • Ensure coherence between BLM thresholds and BCM thresholds
  • Update threshold models for Molybdenum-Graphite collimators
  • Evaluate if the operational use of LICs in IR7 will allow to remove bottle neck in short running sums due to the 23 Gy/s limit of the BLMs?
  • Analyse and define max. allowed losses in IR3 in case of lowered RF voltage at injection

A. Lechner, A. Mereghetti, B. Salvachua,

Review of BLM thresholds ongoing in BLMTWG
  • BCCM (SPS & LHC): put into operation
  • Finalize specifications
  • Re-iterate interlock threshold tables & energy steps
  • Define logging and PM data requirements


Specification prepared: EDMS 2308155v1
  • TDE:
  • Continue studies on stresses in the housing of the downstream window
  • Study possibility of increased beam size at upstream window and consequences for operation, MDs and possibly required interlocks


See 185th MPP (29.11.2019) & TDE review in Januray 2020

  • BIS: Evaluate need of regular exercising of all BIS inputs

J. Uythoven

  • New 600 A PC: Test impact of failure in one redundant 400 A module on QPS


  • ADT: propose fixed display for ADT parameters to make ADT operation more transparent

OP, D. Valuch

  • Specify (ECR/SCR) and implement revised automatic temperature interlock disabling in collimators

Collimation, M. Di Castro

Document under preparation (Stefano to discuss with Mario)
  • Evaluate the need to implement threshold ramp functions of position and angle for crystal collimators

Collimation, M. Di Castro

Implementation ongoing; Specification to be prepared by Stefano --> to be presented by Stefano
  • SIS: introduce MD type mask to allow automatically un-masking at each cycle start

J. Wenninger

LEVEL2 category will be used for MD-specific SIS interlocks; a sequencer task at the start of each fill can be used to automatically un-mask all interlocks usually masked during MDs (see presentation by J. Wenniger in 183rd MPP and minutes)
  • Define data volume and latency requirements for XPOC, IQC, and SPSQC


See presentation by M. Zerlauth in 186th MPP and minutes of the meeting (06.03.2020)
  • MPP
  • Update membership & invitation list
  • Update emergency procedure for non-working beam dump, verify steps and train OP teams


MPP membership list updated: see 181st MPP (27.09.2019)
  • SPS: Evaluate feasibility to introduce a time out for BIS / SIS masks

J.Uythoven / SPS-OP

  • Linac 4: Specify the required changes to the interlocking of the source and define by when these need to be implemented


  • SIS, external condition, timing
  • Clarify long-term strategy and responsibilities
  • Should central timing continue to play the role of an interlocking system (taking thresholds and equipment information into account) or only be the receiver of the interlock system (e.g. SIS)?
  • Could or should the BIS interlock all external conditions, which requires awareness of the beam configuration?
  • What the role should the SIS have?<\li>
  • Should LIC CT still enable the tail clipper in specific cases?

G. Kruck, J. Uythoven

  • Booster
  • Define PPM threshold management for various systems
  • Define management of masks

B. Mikulec

Proposal for parameter and threshold protection were presented by B. Mikulec in the 189th MPP (08.05.2020)


Beneficial for long term operation



  • Define wish list priorities for collimation software upgrades with OP (e.g. gen. of collimator settings in LSA, ...)
  • Evaluate the implementation of automatic loss map checks and their possible integration into the regular post-mortem analysis

Coll, OP

See CollWG on 16.12.2019
  • BLM thresholds:
  • Update threshold models for Molybdenum-Graphite collimators
  • What do we need to learn during run 3 in preparation for HL-LHC?

A. Lechner, A. Mereghetti

Review of BLM thresholds ongoing in BLMTWG
  • dBLM: Prepare clear specification of use cases


  • Specify required HiRadMat material tests with LIU beams, e.g. for dump-line elements

F. Carra, A. Perillo Marcone

  • Check the possibility to use validation with bumps instead of or in addition to the traditional asynchronous beam dump tests


  • BIS: Implement HW linking of beam permit loops for BISv2

J. Uythoven

Foreseen for BISv2

Topics for 1/2 day workshop on HL-LHC Machine Protection

  • Fast failures for HL-LHC - D. Wollmann / M. Valette
  • Effect of D1, Q4, Q5 powering failures on orbit - M. Valette / B. Linstrom - tbc
  • MP failure case matrix for crab cavities after baseline change
  • SPS CC failure cases and their criticality - B. Lindstrom / M. Valette
  • SPS CC planned machine protection tests - B. Lindstrom / M. Valette
  • HL-LHC: effect of spurious quench hetaer and CLIQ firing on beam and need of beam interlock - M. Valette


  • New BLM electronics - specifications, status and plans - C. Zamantzas (major upgrade of BLM electronics postpone to LS3)
  • HL-LHC MP: Halo supervision, possibilities/requirements for diagnostics, plans & outlook (BI)
  • (CMS BCM thresholds comparison with LHC BLMs (EDMS Doc. Nr 1502426) - M.Guthoff)
  • (New logic for collimator temperature interlock logic (check gradients, check consistency of different two beams) - A. Masi )
  • Remote monitoring for beam presence in the CCC (I. Romera)
  • Additional running sum in BLM PM data
  • (Ion/Proton interlock for SPS extraction (comment from M.Lamont - might be part of new SPS QC?!) --> Markus?)
  • (SW change procedure (tracking changes in MPS and SW components) --> Markus?)
  • (SPS extraction interlock (follow-up with timing and SPS OP) --> Markus?)


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